Calculate Your Fuel Savings

Ready to get rid of the gas guzzler you are driving around? You might be surprised at how much money you can save by driving a fuel efficient Sprinter. But you don’t have to guess. Use our fuel savings calculator below to figure out how much you would save if you buy a more fuel efficient Sprinter Van. Feel free to use it again and again until you get to a van that provides the fuel savings you are looking for. From there, you can go to our trade-in calculator and loan calculator and see what it would cost to switch vehicles.
Vehicle of Interest
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*Annual costs and/or savings are an estimate and may vary based on vehicle model, options, location, driving pattern, road and weather conditions [and other items - presumably type and cost of fuel]. Fuel costs are calculated by taking into account fuel price, inflation, annual mileage, as well as city and highway MPG and will vary by state or region.
Please speak with our Sprinter Professionals for more information.